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Laura Glaess

About Me

Laura is a visual artist and graphic designer operating out of San Antonio, TX. 


For her design work, Laura specializes in logo design and company branding, where she strives for a cohesive, appropriate, and unique look that allows the company to stand out from the crowd. She especially loves custom typography!


In her visual art, Laura strives to unite music, motion, and the human body. She is fascinated by light, shadow, musculature, and movement progressions, and tries to unite these interests in a highly detailed freehand style.

Laura got her BA in fine art at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. Laura aslo studied human anatomy and physiology in the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at the University of the Incarnate Word.


One of Laura's greatest passions is dancing and teaching that dance to others. She is a professional Lindy Hopper who travels internationally to perform, compete, and teach this great American art form from the swing era. She also teaches local classes and runs a competitive performance team in San Antonio.


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